That Abrahamic observation “Without a vision, a people will perish” is very true.

All White people who are racially loyal must have a vision, a cohesive goal and clear idea of what they are struggling for. What world do they want?

It is not enough that there are many racially loyal people who have a preference for the White race and choose to associate with and breed with their own race. Doing so is essential and great, but this is not in any way having a clear idea of what you are  ultimately trying to achieve.

So many Whites think that some notion of individualism and/or an ordered “traditional” (whatever that means) Capitalist society is what they want. However this is a nonsensical whimsy as it is never even defined in any way that we could come to grips with. There is no plan of action and too many strings pulling in opposing directions.

Creativity has a vision and has spelled out a plan to get the world back in the hands of Nature’s Finest.

No gods or superstitious forces will deliver our victory to us. The job is in the hands of you and I. We have to spread Creativity and follow the 16 Commandments. We have to focus on bringing about our Racial Socialist state by straightening out the White folks’ thinking.

We do not advocate this can be achieved politically by the ballot box, nor that it can be achieved by violent revolution or civil war. We do not believe in waiting for some great collapse of civilisation before swooping in and constructing a utopia.

What is needed is for White people to stop supporting the structures that are destroying us, and to embrace the aim to get rid of democracy and embrace the Leadership Principle. We need to stop the confused thinking that we are part of the political spectrum and especially the “right wing” label. These labels try to prescribe for us both our vision and the methods to favour.

The enemy should not be constructing our identity, our goals or our methods – or else the White Race will flounder and never get our act together.

With Creativity we have a focused battering ram and we will get the job done!

~ Rev Jane