Nature's Finest

There is over 3000 documented gods and goddesses! If current trends continue, there shall be more superstitious spooks in the sky than there will be White people populating this earth!

Rather that arguing among ourselves which god and goddess we should kneel before and worship, we should turn our attention to the survival of the White race!

3000 documented superstitious spooks and not one has been documented building the architectural wonders of the world, creating musical masterpieces that will be remembered for generations, nor have they fought wars or produced our civilizations. Every worthwhile accomplishment on this planet has been accomplished by the White race exclusively!

So what superstitious spook should you worship? The answer is simple, none! There is no solid evidence that even one out of 3000 exists! The White race exists but its numbers are declining rapidly! So White man, focus your efforts on saving your race and building a better future!

Racial loyalty should be measured by ones ability to take the long road and not only endure the hardships thrown in the way of victory but to overcome them and manipulate them to their advantage rather than succumb to Jewish founded multiculturalism! No war in history has been won by taking the easy road!
How a White man can turn his nose up at Creativity is beyond me, a religion made for White people by White people, a religion that simply has no comparison, Creativity cuts out the superstitious spiritual nonsense and brings reality, logic and common sense to the discussion!

Rather than focusing our efforts on what happens to us after death or who may be watching us from the sky, we turn our efforts to what’s laid bare in front of us, this life! We have wrote in black and white, that as a religion we primarily strive for the Survival, Expansion and the Advancement of the White race!

Brother McMillan
Sep 42AC (2015)