Nature’s Eternal Religion by Ben Klassen, 1973

April 15, 2021

The basis and foundation of the religious ideology of Creativity. Nature’s Eternal Religion stands out as by far the most important work on the subject of White survival. This book will revolutionise the thinking of [….]

Expanding Creativity by Ben Klassen, 1985

April 10, 2021

Creativity is an idea whose time has come. Expanding Creativity is a dynamic book – which is a collection of Ben Klassen’s editorials from the first 12 issues of Racial Loyalty newspaper. Topics covered include [….]

RAHOWA! This Planet Is All Ours by Ben Klassen, 1987

April 8, 2021

Learn the origins of the Battle-cry of the White Race – RAHOWA! A study of comparative religions, Polarization and Confrontation, creating a Planet devoid of non-whites, the human population time-bomb, exposing the fraud of Christian [….]

The Little White Book by Ben Klassen, 1991

April 4, 2021

A pocket version of the Creed of Creativity, with daily affirmations, sound bites, lessons for survival, A Declaration of Independence from Jewish Tyranny, The Mission of The TCM Security Legions, The 16 Commandments of Creativity, [….]

Against The Evil Tide by Ben Klassen, 1991

April 3, 2021

The autobiography of the Founder anf First Pontifex Maximus of The Creativity Movement is a major contribution to the building of the Creativity Movement. I provides new insights into the background, development, life, thinking, creative [….]

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