Update to ‘Get Involved’ Section

May 30, 2021

Recently we have updated to our ‘Get Involved’ section, highlighting that it is our aim to make it as easy as possible for adherents to Creativity and our supporters to become White Super Activists. This [….]

Vindictive Judge Jails Oliver Bel

May 24, 2021

A mathematics graduate, Oliver Bel, was imprisoned for several years on Friday 21st May, ostensibly for possessing a ‘bomb making manual,’ namely ’The Anarchist Cookbook’, which was ‘likely to be used by somebody planning a [….]

Joe Biden is a lot worse than Jimmy Carter

May 21, 2021

Republicans have been comparing Joe Biden to the 70s President, Jimmy Carter. Quote: Inflation. Gas lines. Rising unrest overseas. All we need are some cheese lines and voila, it’ll be the Jimmy Carter White House [….]

Bill Gates is a Scum Bag

May 18, 2021

Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft (for which he gets more credit than deserved)  is well known as one of the richest men in the world. The latest revelation is that Melinda Gates is divorcing [….]

Cries of “Back To England” For Dirty Henry

May 16, 2021

Ridiculous Harry, otherwise known as ‘Dirty Henry,’ the royal reject, wants to see US Constitution even furtherdismantled. He has given it a fleeting thought with his defective (half a) brain cell. Now that the “Prince” [….]

Do Something Meaningful for the White Race

May 14, 2021

[AUDIO WILL BE ADDED AT A FUTURE DATE] Become an Ordained Minister of The Church of the Creator  Organize Your Own Church Group  In Issue No. 10 of RACIAL LOYALTY, we suggested that every CREATOR [….]


May 14, 2021

[AUDIO WILL BE ADDED AT A FUTURE DATE] When I was 20 years old (way, way back in 1938) I was first exposed to Hitler’s MEIN KAMPF. I was fortunate enough to be able to [….]

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