French Told to Just Accept the Terrorism

July 17, 2016

Nearly a hundred people in France were killed by an Islamic terrorist driving over their bodies as they joined a Bastille Day parade. Many of us are thinking that the French people would like to [….]

Sugar Blues by William Dufty

July 13, 2016

Sugar Blues is a revolutionary heath book written by William Dufty in 1975. William Dufty had a career as a writer and newspaper columnist, who also had a keen interest for music and activism before [….]

Black and Silver Solution Radio Ep 130

July 12, 2016

Listen in as Rev Logsdon Hosts Black and Silver Solution Radio #7 on July 7th 2016. On this show Rev Logsdon shares some of his thoughts on Satanism, Christianity, Rev Hale, Rudy Stanko, EC/CPM, Accountability, [….]

The End of Democracy

July 10, 2016

We Creators do not advocate that a country is run by a democracy.  We advocate The Leadership Principle, in which the country is run by a Racial Socialist government headed up by a racially loyal [….]

EC/CPM – TCM Reunion

July 9, 2016

Racial greetings brothers and sisters, I address you today under a positive note. After many years of working towards the reunification of our great church, we have made some headway. The leaders of the Ecclesia [….]

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