Update on Matt Hale


The following is an e-mail that was send to Matt Hale supporters, by Matt Hale’s mother, Evelyn:

Friends and Supporters: I received a letter from Matt today! Well, more bad news. The depositions that were to have happened on the 15th and 17th have been delayed. The prison told Matt he would be doing them with handcuffs on and he refused, so they are postponed again. Matt is strong in his determination even though the prison is continuing to add more punishments. Matt asked those that are going to testify at his Civil trial to read the Creativity books and be ready to testify for Matt and Creativity. Here are some names of the people that are going to testify:

John M, Mark A, Emily H, Thomas S, Larry L, and John C. Also, Matt wants the following supporters to know that he has received their letters:
Mark A- 2 letters, Larry E, Billy R, Gregory M, James M, Alexia G, John C, Molly B, Jerry B, Curt B. When in doubt, Matt asked that you write again. Thank you for your loyalty to Matt! I love all of you! Ms. H

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